Types of Eyelash Extensions: Which Are Best For You?

Published on: Jul 31, 2022 • 5 min read


Natural lashes? No way! We’re in the year 2022. It’s time to step our games up (officially) with lash extension(s).

Lash extensions are like hair extensions, except they’re placed on your natural lashes instead.

This beauty treatment is designed to give you lovely, come hither lashes that can be as bold or subtle as you prefer.

There are many different types of lash extensions on the market, though, making it challenging to choose which eyelash extension product to pick.

eyelash extension types

Keep reading to discover the different types of eyelash extensions on the market and how to choose the one that’s right for you.

4 Types of Eyelash Extension Materials

When you’re on the hunt for lash extensions, you will be met with four different types.

Knowing the difference between each eyelash extension type is critical to making a confident choice.

Mink Lashes

Real mink lash extensions are created from shaved-off Mink fur. Yes, real minks. The look is flawless with a somewhat matte finish that is quite sultry.

However, no matter how gorgeous they may be, most people (myself included) won’t opt for mink lashes due to the animal cruelty factor. Nobody wants to support that!

If you’re on the train that’s crossing the bridge into cruelty-free products, consider faux mink lashes instead.

These beautiful synthetic lashes closely mimic the real deal, offering a soft and luxurious texture with lightweight wear that’s downright stunning.

The bonus of opting for faux mink eyelashes over the real version is that they keep their curl, even when presented with water. Real mink lashes can’t do that.

They’re also noticeably glossier than other versions and tend to last longer, meaning fewer trips to your lash artists.

Due to their impressively lightweight feel, these are the ideal choice for those struggling with thin or weak lashes.

Silk Lashes

Silky eyelash extensions are a bit heavier and coarser than the mink version, but they’re still safe for those that have thinner and weaker natural eyelashes.

When it comes to silk lash extensions, you have options. For example, you can indulge in a very natural and glossy look or go extravagant and over-the-top for special occasions.

With so many curl and length choices, you can create the silk eyelash extensions of your dreams.

Synthetic Lashes

The last option is synthetic lash extensions. This lash treatment is stronger and bulkier than the silk and mink options, making them the better choice for those that have healthy natural lashes.

Synthetic lashes come in a wide range of curl and length, just like the other choices.

However, the synthetic eyelash extension will typically have a less “natural lash” appearance.

That is why these classic eyelash extensions are often reserved for those who want bold and dramatic style.

Volume Lashes

Last but not least, we have volume eyelashes. Volume lashes are created using silk or mink eyelash extensions.

The goal of “volume” eyelashes is to create a full, tantalizing style without putting too much weight on your own natural lashes.

Being incredibly fine and lightweight, a lash artist can apply up to seven false lashes per every natural eyelash, creating noticeably thicker lashes - without the fear of eyelash extensions damage.

What to Consider When Choosing Lash Extensions?

So, now you know which kinds of material can be used for synthetic extensions.

But how can you decide which one is right for you? Here are a few things to consider.


The good news is that most of these lash extensions can last up to six weeks, but silk and mink extensions tend to last up to eight weeks because they are not as hefty as synthetic.

So, if you want semi-permanent lashes, opt for the silk or mink options.

Natural Eyelash Health

When deciding on the right eyelash extensions, you need to consider your existing lashes.

Do you have healthy and robust natural lashes, or are they weaker and thinner?

Those with strong natural lashes can get by with synthetic material.

The weight and thickness won’t harm them during or after the lash appointment.

Those with weak or thin lashes will want to opt for mink or silk faux lashes, as they have a much lighter weight that won’t harm thinner lashes.


The last thing to consider is the appearance you’re going for.

Do you want a natural and coy appearance? Mink and silk are the best choices.

Do you desire a bold, edgy, unapologetically thick, and lustrous look? You will want to choose synthetic.

Those that crave a luxurious and glamorous style can go with synthetic or silk.

The goal is to tell your lash specialist precisely what you want so they know how many individual lashes to apply to your lash line.


What type of eyelash extension looks natural?

The lash extensions that have the most natural appearance are mink. Obviously, real mink fur will be the most natural-looking and feeling, but most people do not want to indulge in real fur.

Fake mink lashes are just as good and provide the same elegant, all-natural beauty and texture, so don’t hesitate to ask your lash professional for this material.

Mink takes the cake once more when it comes to which lashes are the most popular.

This is all thanks to the comfortably lightweight wear paired with a silky smooth appearance. Together, these luscious lashes create the best look that won’t damage your own lashes.

Plus, they have the advantage of remaining curly, even when they get wet - no mechanical eyelash curler required!

What is the difference between faux mink and mink?

In terms of look and feel, there isn’t much difference, aside from the fact that natural mink involves some level of animal cruelty.

However, fake mink is cheaper and won’t cause potential allergic reactions, two big pluses.

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