How to Fix Uneven Eyebrows

Published on: Jul 5, 2022 • 5 min read


Hey, girls. Can I be honest? I have the worst eyebrows. No, really.

And what a terrible time to be lacking in the eyebrow department when celebs like Emilia Clarke and Cara Delevingne are roaming around.

Not only do I have a problem with eyebrows that are so light you can’t see them, but I also struggle with completely uneven eyebrows.

fix uneven eyebrows

How about you?

Well, if you stumbled across this article, I’m going to assume you’re struggling with uneven brows and need a fix. Am I right? Yeah, I thought so.

Keep reading to find the top four ways to fix uneven brows in a flash.

How to Fix Uneven Eyebrows

Don’t worry - remedying uneven brows isn’t as complicated as it may seem.

(And if it does end up being too much of a hassle, you can always skip to tip #3 - wink, wink).

1. Fixing Uneven Brows At Home With Makeup

The easiest solution to fixing uneven brows is to use makeup.

After all, if Zoe Saldana can become Neytiri and Rebecca Romijn can become Mystique, you can fix your brows, girl.

Really, it’s simple. All you need to do is measure your eyebrows (you can be fancy with an actual ruler or use something else like your eyeliner to “measure” them).

Then, use your preferred eyebrow makeup to fill in the gaps.

Personally, I love brow gel, but if you’re an eyebrow pencil, powder, or marker kind of gal, feel free to use it.

Simply use your product - such as brow pencil - to fill in the empty spots. Viola!

2. Let Your Eyebrows Grow

Are your uneven eyebrows caused by excessive plucking? Or maybe they were accidentally singed off?

Whatever caused unwanted gaps and uneven brow asymmetry, it’s time to let them grow back.

For one, you need to stop plucking your eyebrows - even when your natural brows start to become unruly.

Yes, this means putting the tweezers down for at least four to six weeks and let the growth phase do its job.

Then, you can apply some kind of eyebrow hair growth serum. You can use something all-natural, like castor oil, or opt for a professional serum.

Last but not least, eat a balanced diet and consider adding biotin supplements to help your brows grow faster and fuller.

3. Consider Short-Term, Professional Eyebrow Treatments

Trying to fix uneven eyebrows on your own can be nothing short of a pain.

If you really want asymmetrical brows without the fuss, why not let a brow artist do the hard work for you?

Whether you have thick brows, struggle with hair loss, or are a mess covered in stray hairs, your brow specialist will know exactly what to do.

They can even help light brows achieve a lovely darker shade with plenty of depth.

What short-term treatments are there, though? You have your pick of many.

  • Threading. Threading is an excellent option for those that struggle with skin sensitivities. It’s a wonderful and relatively easy way to fix uneven eyebrows.
  • Waxing. Waxing is best reserved for those with ample hair growth and who need a lot of hair removal at once. It’s also great for those with lovely bone structure who want to enhance their physique with structured brows.
  • Brow Tinting. For those that struggle with uneven eyebrows and don’t have a lot of existing hair, consider tinting. Tinting adds depth, fullness, and color to the brow.
  • Microblading. Essentially referred to as a “modern tattoo,” microblading is best for those with sparse eyebrows.
  • Eyebrow extensions. These extensions are the perfect way to fix uneven brows and almost give off a full-fledged brow lift appearance. The results are stunning, but it’s pricey!
  • Lamination. Lamination is a new way to get the eyebrows you’ve always dreamed of. They work on all kinds of eyebrows, and the results are truly remarkable (and noticeably shiny).

4. Opt for Long-Term, Professional Eyebrow Treatments

If you’re struggling with hair loss due to some medical condition, or you’re simply sick and tired of dealing with your eyebrow shape day in and day out, consider long-term options.

There are a fair amount of long-term options out there.

A popular choice that does not require surgery is an eyebrow tattoo.

This is an excellent choice if you want a long-term and full brow transformation.

On the off chance that crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles are causing a lack of asymmetrical eyebrows, you may consider getting cosmetic procedures such as botox injections to improve your natural arch.

Some people may need surgical treatments. For example, you may have weak facial features that are causing one eyebrow to be lower than the other, causing an uneven look.

In the circumstances like this, an eye or brow lift may be necessary. It’s best to discuss these potential surgeries with your doctor.


Why is my left eyebrow higher?

Sometimes, one of your brows may be higher because of over-plucking.

That’s not always the case, though. There could be a medical or facial structure reason why one eyebrow is consistently higher than the other.

Can threading fix uneven eyebrows?

Yes, threading can fix uneven eyebrows. Threading is a great way to create a “perfect match” for your brows.

The best part is that it is perfect for sensitive skin as no harsh chemicals are involved. It’s noticeably less painful than other treatments such as plucking, too.

How can I grow out my eyebrows?

There are many different tips to grow hair on your eyebrows.

Obviously, you will want to avoid using your tweezer for a few months. During this time, use eyebrow growth serum, exfoliate them once a week and brush them with a spoolie daily.

The critical thing to remember is to patiently wait during the growth cycle. It could take several weeks before you start seeing desired results. Hang in there, hon!

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