How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair?

Published on: Sep 13, 2022 • 6 min read


If you want to revitalize your look completely, you might consider dying your locks.

Getting your hair dyed is one of the quickest ways to switch up your style, whether you’re going for a natural hair color or want something completely out of the box and wild.

Regardless of which look you’re going for, one thing’s for sure: you have to pay.

hair dye cost

But how much should you expect to shell out?

Many factors come into play, and that’s exactly what we’re discussing today.

Find out how much it costs to dye your hair!

What Affects the Price of Hair Dye?

As I said previously, there are many variables regarding the price of hair dye. Let’s take a closer look.

Hair Salon vs. At-Home

Purchasing a hair coloring box dye kit (such as a black box hair dye kit) at home will cost less than going to a high-end salon.

When buying a hair coloring kit, you can spend as little as $5 (for cheap OTC dyes) or as much as $40.

Salons will vary greatly, and it will depend on many factors, such as the hair color you want, what technique you’re opting for, and how experienced the stylist is.

High-end salons may be more expensive. There may be different prices for new and existing clients, based on the stylist.

A dye job can range from $50 to $70, but you can spend up to $150.

Type of Hair Dye

Yes, there are different types of hair dye, which will play a massive role in how much you pay.

Whether going to a salon or doing your hair at home, you will need to choose from the following options:

  • Temporary. As the name suggests, temporary hair dye only sticks around for a few days. It’s great for random times when you need to change your hair color dramatically, for example, a New Year’s Eve party.
  • Semi-permanent. Semi-permanent lasts a bit longer than temporary, typically up to 10 washes.
  • Demi-permanent dye. Still not satisfied with the 10-wash limit? Opt for demi-permanent hair coloring and enjoy wear for up to 24 washes.
  • Permanent. Permanent hair dye won’t wash out like the temporary, semi-permanent dyes, and demi-permanent options. However, you will need a touch-up around the 8-week mark as your roots begin to grow out and the color fades.

Hair Coloring Technique

There are many different techniques involved with hair dyeing. Not every appointment is created equally. Here are some of the choices and their respective pricing.

Single Process

A single hair coloring process consists of a single shade being applied to the entire head. This is the quickest and most straightforward option and, therefore, the lowest price (starting at $40).

Double Process

If you’re dreaming of bright, neon rainbow hair and have dark natural hair color, you will need two processes of professional hair coloring by an experienced stylist.

What exactly is double process color, though? Well, double process means that it takes two steps to create your perfect hair colour.

It starts by bleaching your natural color to lift hair to a lighter shade. This creates the perfect canvas for brighter colors that would otherwise not show up on your dark hair.

Once your hair is a few shades lighter, the stylist can move on to applying the hair colors you desire.

Due to the extensive nature of this process, you can expect prices to be over $100.


Ombre technique involves darker hair on top and lighter on the bottom in just the right places. It’s a beautiful blend, but a lot goes into this hair colouring technique. With that in mind, you can easily pay upwards of $150.


If you’re looking for basic highlights that are not as bold as ombre, you can choose a subtle accents - otherwise known as “sombre.” This is a slightly less extensive technique that can run around $100.

Roout Touch Up

Dyed hair doesn’t stay dyed forever. After you get your hair coloed, your hair grows, causing your natural hair shade to begin to show.

You will need a root touch ups every few months. Since it’s just a touch up with less dye product and work, a root touch up will only cost around $50.

Your Hair Type (Length/Condition/Thickness)

The last thing to consider when it comes to hair dye prices is your natural hair.

The hairstylist will pay attention to three details: your hair’s condition, length, and thickness.

  • Condition. Dry or permed hair may need a deep conditioning treatment before or after the permanent hair color is applied, which will cost more. Fine hair may also require specific treatments to handle the hair dyes.
  • Hair Length. Long hair will be more expensive than short hair because it takes longer hair and requires more dye.
  • Thickness. Hair thickness also plays a role. More product and time will be required if you have more hair, which could mean a higher price tag.

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair in US?

If you’re looking for dying salon services in the US, you can rely on the factors above.

The cost to dye hair will range anywhere from $40 to $150.

However, you must also pay close attention to where in the US you’re getting your hair done. Here are two great examples.

New York

New York is undeniably the most expensive place for dyeing hair.

Single process all over hair color can easily rank up to $300 if you’re going with an elite stylist.

Needless to say, other hair treatments like double process (requiring a lighter hair color) and ombre highlights will cost even more.

Lost Angeles

Los Angeles is another place where prices can be higher, but not as expensive as New York.

Take the “average” prices listed above and add about $20-$50 per hair treatment.

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair in Canada?

Canada’s prices tend to be higher than those in the US. For instance, single process hair colour can start at $100, while hair highlights can be upwards of $150.


Most hair-dying services in Toronto, Canada, will average over $100.


Montreal is slightly less expensive than Toronto, with prices starting around the $70 range.


How much does it cost to dye your hair for guys?

The price isn’t altered too much for men, especially considering the fact that some men have just as much hair and long length as women.

It comes down to the same factors listed above. Therefore, the prices remain the same.

How much does it cost to bleach and dye your hair at a salon?

This is known as double processing and will cost well over $100 due to the added treatment and hair products required.

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