Peel Off Nail Polish: ALL You Need To Know + BEST Brands

Published on: Apr 13, 2022 • 6 min read


If you’re anything like me, you’re a busy woman who loves nail polish but can’t find a lot of time to make it into the nail salon.

And doing them on my own? Well, it’s not always a simple task - especially when I’m short on time.

That’s why I loved hearing that peel-off polish had arrived on the beauty scene.

Now, I can simply apply some nail polish onto my nails in minutes and call it a day.

Plus, they look surprisingly incredible.

For those out there seeking a quick and straightforward solution to their nail polish woes, I’m here to share the buzz about nail polish.

peel off nail polishBelow, you will find everything you need to know about peel-off nail polishes - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What Is Peel Off Nail Polish?

Peel polish is, well, exactly how it sounds: it’s a nail polish that can be peeled off rather than soaked off with acetone or other harmful chemicals.

This type of nail polish differs from other “traditional nail polishes” and popular options like gel nail polish because it dries within a minute and has no harmful ingredients.

In fact, most peelable nail polishes are crafted using three ingredients: water, glue, and dyes to add some vibrant colors.

What are the Pros & Cons of Peel Off Nail Polish?

Okay, it sounds like peel-off nail polish is somewhat of a miracle worker. But is it?

Check out these pros and cons regarding peel-off nail polishes to decide if they’re right for you.

Pro: Easy to Apply and Quick-Drying

Surprisingly enough, peelable nail polish applies the same way as traditional nail polish.

You will swipe it across your natural nails using an application brush and wait for it to dry.

(Will need at least a couple of coats, most of the time).

The key difference here is drying time.

Peel off nail polishes dry within 60 seconds, whereas regular nail polish may leave you watching the clock with wet fingertips for a while.

Peel polish is even faster than nail polish with a quick-drying formula!

Pro: Scent-Free

If you hate the pungent odor of regular nail polishes, you will be happy to know that the peel-off variety is 100% odorless.

Pro: Healthy for Your Nails

Most nail polishes come with a slew of harsh chemicals (phthalates and formaldehyde) that are not good for your nail health.

Peel off nail polishes, on the other hand, do not contain any harmful or toxic ingredients.

Therefore, you can feel confident using the nail color without damage.

Pro: Easy Removal - No Nail Polish Remover Required

Perhaps the biggest plus of peel-off polish over regular polish is that it’s a cinch to remove - it does not require acetone or any kind of nail polish remover or warm water soak.

As long as you have an orange stick (or a similar tool), you can simply push the nail polish off.

Once you get it “lifted,” easily peel it off in one fluid movement. So quick, easy, and pain-free!

Pro: Can Be Used as Base Coats

There is such a thing as a peel-off base coat that can be applied underneath the traditional polish.

Why would you want to use that, you ask?

Applying a peel-off base coat underneath traditional polish will allow it to be removed easily.

Simply peel and lift the peel off base coat, and the base coat and top coat will come off easy-peasy.

Pro: Great for All Skill Levels and Ages

Since this polish contains no harsh chemicals (non-toxic and cruelty-free) and dries quickly, it’s ideal for all skill levels and ages - including little girls!

Con: Don’t Last as Long as Normal Nail Polish Options

The biggest pitfall with peel polish is that it isn’t very long-lasting - around two weeks.

This is much less than other competitor manicure options, such as gel polish (which requires a UV lamp to create).

Con: Not As Many Color Options

Another concern with this new type of low-odor formula polish is that there aren’t many color options.

Again, this is compared to other manicure styles like gel nails and acrylics.

Hopefully, this will increase over time. But while you’re waiting for new colors, don’t forget that you can apply traditional polish on top of peel-off varieties.

You can also decorate your nails with some quirky and fun nail art.

2 Best Peel Polish Brands to Try

Ready to “start peeling?” While there are many easily-peeled polishes out there, I decided to start you with a great base coat and collection with a wide array of colors.

1. UNT Ready for Takeoff Peelable Base Coat (Best Regular Base Coat)

If you want to use a high shine base coat to put underneath your normal polish, consider the UNT Base Coat.

These water-based polishes are clear, non-toxic, and easy to use, and the quick-drying formula dries quickly. Plus, they dry quickly and can be great for water marbling and other nail art designs.

2. BONTIME Non-Toxic Polish (Best Polish)

These water-based nail polish colors are great for any skill level and age. They’re free of any damaging chemicals and 100% eco-friendly. The formula dries within 90 seconds and can be removed by simply peeling.

It comes with five glamorous polishes to create the manicure of your dreams and easily switch between colors when you’re ready.


Do You Have to Use a Base Coat With Peel-off Nail Polish?

You do not need to use a base coat when using easy-peel polish. Simply “paint” it onto your nails, allow it to dry, and enjoy!

Is Peeling off Nail Polish Okay?

Although it might appear as though peeling your polish off your nails isn’t doing any damage, it is.

If you try to remove paint from your nails by peeling, scratching, etc., you are ripping layers off the nail plate. This will result in thin, brittle, and weak nails.

That is why peel polish is the right nail polish for those that want to switch up their look or remove the polish without damaging their natural nail underneath.

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